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Full Vendor List for  Toys 2000       [P-S]



Toys 2000 is proudly associated with these listed Vendors.


Toys 2000 selects Vendors that consistently score high marks with regard to product quality, innovation and safety and who are on the forefront of what's trending in today's rapiding changing toy market.


Through its committed Vendor relationships, Toys 2000 is able to broker exceptional products at competitive prices.


Our customers are   encouraged to always work through Toys 2000 for all initial orders and reorders as well as returns, to ensure each retailer or resort  receives personalized and professional service that only a dedicated broker force like Toys 2000 can provide.


Toys 2000 is based in Florida primarily serving the Floridian and Latin American markets.


Contact us for a personal visit or phone consultation  to find out how you can benefit by having Toys 2000 as part of your product planning and purchasing team.


We are always a call, an email or a visit away.

The princess brand plays an inspired role in the positive development of young girls everywhere  promoting self-esteem and creativity. With a magical brand of quality apparel, accessories and decor, as well as a wondrous on-line destination, My Princess Academy actively promotes and celebrates the inner-strength in all girls.

Creators of the famous Etch A Sketch® drawing toy, The Ohio Art Company remains one of the world’s most widely recognized toy companies since its establishment in 1908. The Ohio Art Company is committed to developing toys that encourage creativity and learning while providing hours of enjoyment, encouraging self-expression and promoting positive development. The company also proudly markets specialty toys including nanoblock®, a line of micro-sized building blocks developed for older children and adults.

Oops stems from a fusion of bright and vibrant creativity and from the deep understanding of the needs of modern babies from birth to 4/5 years.

From earliest childhood entertainment to playful and useful accessories for older children; from textiles to bedroom furniture, the most modern Oops concepts blend harmoniously with the simple needs of a child's world,

The Original Toy products are developed to stimulate and educate children, along with providing great educational play value. Formally distributors of Galt Toys, Original Toy Company strives to bring distinctive products to the American market with a commitment to craftsmanship, quality and design producing a very unique and diverse educational specialty toy line - traditional toys that not only offer unique play value but also will stimulate the early stages of our children’s lives.


Celebrating their twenty year anniversary, Saturnian I continues to take pride in their award-winning toys - Sport’s Illustrated for Kids Best in Sports Award, numerous awards from the Lion and Lamb Project , Parenting Magazine and Gold Seal Awards from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. Safety, quality, and fun – these go hand-in-hand in every Saturnian I product. Adults buy Saturnian I sport products and toys for their safety and quality; kids want them because they’re fun and cool.

When Véronique Debroise created Sentosphère in
1989, her objective was to have her “nose” talents
become useful for the general public. The Loto des Odeurs, the French version of “Follow your Nose” was an enormous success as was “My Perfume Maker”, both pursuing this same idea of playing with our olfactory sense and which have now, along with numerous other games, become references in the game world.

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