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Full Vendor List for  Toys 2000            [A-C]



Toys 2000 is proud to represent these exceptional retailers.


Toys 2000 selects vendors that consistently score high marks in product quality, innovation and most importantly safety. They are on the cutting edge of what is trending in today's rapidly changing toy market.


Toys 2000 is able to offer the hottest products with exceptional programs due to our extraordinary vendor relationships.


Our customers are encouraged to contact their Toys 2000 reps for all orders and returns to ensure they receive the professional and personalized service that only a dedicated sales force such as Toys 2000 can provide.


Toys 2000, based in Florida, currently services the Caribbean including Barbados, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic and the U. S. Virgin Islands. Also the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Central and Latin Americas and Florida.


Contact us for a phone consultation or to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable representatives. Learn how you can benefit from our extensive expertise to assist you in building your business by purchasing the right merchandise for your consumer base.


We are always available by phone, email or appointment.


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ACTIVE PEOPLE has been making and selling toys for over 20 years. Toys that get you moving, toys that engage your imagination and creativity – toys for mind, body and soul...

Anamalz, are the cuddliest wood alive. Designed by Louise Causon-Scott and her partner Tim Scott in Australia, these little heartbreakers were first brought into the world in 2007. Today our anaMalz team is made up of a group of passionate, and incredibly creative people. More than 15 industry awards have been won including an Australian International design award. Our team is passionate about building the world of anaMalz. And most importantly, we are motivated by a greater cause to help make nature grow.

Through creating quirky yet timeless products of the highest standard, we want to give everyone a chance to give back to nature, and that’s why for every anaMalz that finds a home, a percentage is being donated for preserving nature forever.

Brer Rabbit Toys was founded in 2012 by industry veterans Marc Shinderman and Mimi Stella offers an outdoor sporting line that could be enjoyed by all ages. The “Hip, Hop, Grow!” Developmental Guide provides a source to go to with the toy to assist in playing with children.


All Beach and Nature products are designed to promote creativity and interaction with nature and are made in the USA.  Choose either Beach or Nature themed products to start shopping for the perfect creativity kit and get outside!

Launched in North America in 2012, the BRICTEK® line already includes over 100 kits covering themes as various as Police, Firefighters, Construction, Airport, Racing vehicles, Trains, Pirates, Castles, Space, the Girls Imagine Series, Heroes and Androids, Farm, Radio-Controlled Vehicles and the exclusive Army, Navy and Air force Series which cannot be found with the leading brands.

California Creations presents Z WindUps the fastest growing collectible, plastic wind-up toy company in the world. New designs and functions are changing the way people view both design and the intricate functions of plastic wind-up toys.


One of the oldest privately held toy companies in the US.

Starting with Dominoes and Poker Chips in 1948 to our current offering of exciting licensed Games & Puzzles, along with our extensive line of basic games, Cardinal leads the industry with innovation, quality and value.

Castle Toy Inc., established in 1986, is a leading importer/distributor of quality toys. Our distribution is across the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. We offer our products to all leading toy, hobby, and gift stores, mail order catalogs, theme parks and e-commerce retailers

The non toxic "Made in USA" thinking putty for everyone from 3 years and up. Play with your Thinking Putty at home, school, work, the car, anywhere! You'll find yourself tearing off a handful and using it to relieve stress while your brain ponders infinite creative possibilities-- creativity you didn't even know you HAD!​

Internationally known for superb quality, innovation and creativity, the Faber-Castell family of products remain unique throughout the world. Faber-Castell offers a “Companion for Life” portfolio of quality branded products with true points of difference. Creativity for Kids® encourages children’s natural creativity with inspiring craft kits that can be completed independently or together as a family.

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